The 1619 Project

Mount Holyoke College’s Common Read for 2020 will be selected prose essays from The New York Times Magazine’s ongoing initiative The 1619 Project.

Events and discussions will take place throughout the fall.

Upcoming Events

Ida B. Wells and the Campaign Against Lynching

In the United States, between 1882 and 1927 - there were 4,951 documented lynchings. About a third of those killed were white often on the West Coast, the...

10/26 4:30pm
Virtual Event
Affinity Group Events-LGBTQ+ Dialogue

This is an “in community” event for all faculty and staff who share LGBTQ+ identities and will be facilitated by DEI staff via Zoom. MHC affinity groups are...

10/28 4:30pm
Virtual Event
Vanguard: What if Black Women Have Always Led the Movement for Voting Rights?

As we continue to engage the powerful stories evident in The 1619 Project, we have invited Scholar Martha S. Jones to share her incredible research on...

10/29 4:30pm
Virtual Event