Asian and Asian Amerian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian and Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, typically celebrated in May, commemorates the achievements and contributions of people of Asian Pacific Islander descent in the United States. The entire month of May was officially designated as Asian American Pacific Heritage Month in 1992. Mount Holyoke College commemorates A,AANHPI Month in April while students are still on campus and celebrates the diversity of the Asian diaspora that spans extends across the global community.

At Mount Holyoke College, the theme "Rooted Resilience: A,AANHPI Heritage Month Honoring Generational Transformation, encourages reflection on the intergenerational experiences of the A,AANHPI community, highlighting how each generation builds upon the legacy of resilience to bring about change and transformation. This theme acknowledges the deep roots that provide stability and the flowers that bloom as symbols of resilience and hope. This year's theme celebrates the joy present within the A,AANHPI community, emphasizing moments of celebration and resilience. While recognizing the vital role of resilience, it also embraces moments of vulnerability and growth as integral parts of the journey. Through this perspective, Mount Holyoke College celebrates cultural heritage and the evolving nature of the A,AANHPI community, acknowledging their ability to adapt and grow over time while remaining connected to their roots.

The Asian Center for Empowerment collaborates with individuals and departments across the Mount Holyoke Community to celebrate AAPI/ AANHPI cultural diversity.

This year’s theme is “Rooted Resilience: A,AANHPI Heritage Month Honoring Generational Transformation”