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Mount Holyoke Sign for Generic Use

A forum specific to Mount Holyoke students to check in as a community. This session will be facilitated by Kay Saakvitne, Ph.D., who is an adjunct faculty...

1/24 10am
Dr. Anthony Abraham Jack

Mount Holyoke welcomes Dr. Anthony Abraham Jack, author of “The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges are Failing Disadvantaged Students” to speak at our...

1/30 7pm
Women in STEM

Black Women in Reproductive Justice, Technology and Math speak on the shift they are making in STEM for the future allows them to lay out a pathway and...

2/24 5:30pm

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Cydney Hambrick

Cydney Hambrick left a positive review 10/30/2019

This was amazing! I learned so much and I loved the talk. Would go to a talk with her again.

Cara Lapenas

Cara Lapenas left a positive review 10/23/2019

Great talk, I learned a lot!

Cara Lapenas

Cara Lapenas left a positive review 10/30/2019

This talk was amazing....I learned so much!

Dana Gillette

Dana Gillette left a positive review 10/23/2019

Thank you for a highly informative talk.


Anna left a positive review 10/23/2019

This was a difficult lecture to hear but it was fascinating nonetheless. I am going to look more in depth at her work after this.

Julie Russell

Julie Russell left a positive review 9/19/2019

Was a wonderful panel! Only wish more students were there to hear that paths (and plans) are not always linear, and sometimes (most times) jobs/careers happen from networking, networking, networking. What impressive alumnae!!!

Laura Bundesen

Laura Bundesen left a positive review 4/9/2019

This was the best organized and most interesting of everything I attended yesterday. Really well thought out on how to get everyone talking and talking across groups.

Elise Sheehan

Elise Sheehan left a positive review 4/9/2019

I had a wonderful time learning about the journeys of the FP scholars, all of whom I look up to a great deal. I found each story wholly inspiring. Thank you!

Julian Laferrera

Julian Laferrera left a positive review 4/10/2019

Fantastic, honest, captivating show.

Brenda Adams

Brenda Adams left a positive review 4/9/2019

I thought it was eye opening subject. I was very interest in this HBO film. I am glad MHC had it for our BOOM conference. It is a story I will continue to follow. I liked seeing Olivia Benson on this film as well from Special victims Law and Order. I found interesting as well how many woman reach out to her as actress doing this show sharing their stories which they had never told anyone else.