November 28, 2021

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Advent begins (Christmas Fast: E - New Calendar)

Sun, Nov 28, 2021

The Christmas Fast is the 40 day period before Christmas, ending on Christmas Eve. The New Calendar locates Christmas on December 25, the Old Calendar on January 7. (Eastern Churches)

Choral Ensemble Auditions

Sun, Nov 28, 2021

Director Rachel Feldman is hearing auditions for students interested in joining the choral forces in the spring semester! Audition information and sign up sheet can be found on the music audtions...

Pratt Music Hall, 302

Eve of Ḥanukkah

Sun, Nov 28, 2021

Observance begins at sundown. The Feast of Lights (Feast of Dedication) is celebrated for eight days to commemorate the rededication of the Temple following the Jews' victory over occupying forces...

November break

Sun, Nov 28, 2021

Most academic and administrative offices are closed. Offices reopen on Monday, November 29.

Oathbreaker One-Shot

Sun, Nov 28, 2021 2pm to 6pm

Belonging Outside Belonging Spotlight: Oathbreakers Curious about tabletop role-playing games but don’t want to do Dungeons & Dragons? Then join us in highlighting another system: Belonging Outside...


Catholic Mass

Sun, Nov 28, 2021 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Join Father Warren Savage and Sister Annette McDermott for weekly Mass with the Catholic Community.