Thursday, April 29

Christian Cross

Celebrates the institution of the Lord's Supper by Jesus.


Sophie Treadwell’s great expressionist play Machinal makes a beginning out of an ending. In 1928 a reporter for the New York Daily News smuggled a camera...

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Islamic Mosaic

Ramaḍān is the month of fasting (ending with Eid Al Fitr) during which physically able Muslims do not eat or drink from the first sign of dawn until sunset....

COVID-19 Testing Center Open Hours

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The Eliana Ortega Cultural Center In-Person and Virtual Open Hours

The Eliana Ortega, known as the "Ortega" serves as a home away from home for students within the Latinx diaspora. All Ortega open hours are in person at...

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Salon français

The Salon is a weekly get together for students to converse in French. All levels are welcome.

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The Betty Shabazz Cultural Center Open Hours

As the first cultural center on campus, The Betty Shabazz, commonly known as the "Betty", assists and supports students who identify within the African...

The Zowie Banteah Cultural Center Open Hours

The Zowie Banteah Cultural Center promotes visibility and empowerment for Native Americans and communities of Indigenous people at MHC. Anpa'o Locke ’21,...

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Mount Holyoke College President Sonya Stephens

A virtual forum where students are invited to participate in private, informal discussions with President Stephens about the topics of their choice. Held...

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Korean Q & A

Hi, everyone! My name is Clare Heywood, but in Korean class I normally go by 수정 (Soojung). I am an East Asian studies major, here at Mount Holyoke College in...

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Tea-ology & Talk

Got something on your mind? Make yourself some tea and join Sr. Annette, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life for casual conversation. No set agenda and...

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The Asian Center for Empowerment (ACE) In-Person and Virtual Open Hours

The Asian Center for Empowerment, commonly known as the "ACE", serves as a space that provides support, education, community, and a meeting spot for students...

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Come in, We're Open

Sign up on Pathways for a drop-in meeting with a member of the AccessAbility Services team! Pathways appointments are not able to schedule less than 15...

German Table

German Table is an informal weekly meeting for students to practice speaking German in a casual context with their language assistant and faculty members....

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Korean Language Table

The Korean Language Table is an informal weekly meeting where students can practice speaking Korean in a casual context with other students and Korean...

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Thursday, April 29