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Teach-In on the Middle East with Professors Kavita Khory, Sohail Hashmi, Dan Czitrom, Monica Ringer and Omar Dahi.

2/17 5pm
Summer Internship Research Orientation

This event prepares you for success in your summer internship or research. Meet students heading to the same part of the world as you, and faculty, staff,...

4/25 12pm

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Elsie Parrilla

Elsie Parrilla left a positive review 4/9/2019

It was an important event - found it helpful and informative.

Bassey Akpan

Bassey Akpan left a positive review 4/9/2019

As a clinician in training, this talk really helped me understand on a biological level the effects of trauma. It was a great refresher in terms of learning what gets activated in the brain with traumatic experiences.

Lisa Balicki

Lisa Balicki left a positive review 4/9/2019

This was great. Shannon always presents well. I was a psych major way back when, so while I was familiar with the various parts of the brain and how they function, I never learned how they all work together in the context of trauma. Incredibly informative, and a great intro into what happens during a trauma. Wish she could present this at every PD around us!

Something that struck me was the research of first responders, who have been quoted saying that since the victim could not remember all the details during the interview, it must be made up. Yet you continuously hear officers interviewing witnesses, handing them their cards and asking them to reach out if they remember anything else. Why is it expected that a witness can have a spotty memory, but not a victim? Food for thought, and education can certainly fix that hypocrisy!

Clapp Laboratory

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