Common Read

Alice Wong and the cover of the book 'Disability Visibility'

Common Read 2023-2024: Disability Visibility

Mount Holyoke's 2023-2024 Common Read is “Disability Visibility,” an anthology of essays, stories, poems and more that centers around disability justice — written by people with disabilities and edited by disabled activist and writer Alice Wong. Published in June 2020, “Disability Visibility” contains essays, poems, articles, blog posts, stories and interview transcripts written by over 30 disabled contributors. For more information about this year’s Common Read and the selection process as well as how the choice ties into the goals of the College.

Events and discussions will take place throughout the academic year and LITS has compiled a reading guide to use as you read “Disability Visibility.”

To learn more about the College’s Common Read program and past selections.

Mount Holyoke Club of Southern California: Spring Meeting

Sun, Apr 21, 2024 5pm to 7pm

For members of the Mount Holyoke Club Southern California. Save the date for our spring meeting: Sunday April 21 from 5:00-7:00 pm. During that meeting, we will discuss Antarctica by Claire...