Laurel Parade

The Laurel Parade, which marks the transition from MHC student to alumna, is one of the College’s most moving rituals. It traces back to 1900, when graduating seniors paid homage to Mount Holyoke College by placing two wreaths of laurel leaves and forget-me-nots in front of College founder Mary Lyon’s grave. They raised their voices, singing “Holyoke, Tried and True.” In 1902, garlands of laurel — laurel chains — were used in place of wreaths and flowers. And a Mount Holyoke College tradition was born.

While the band plays, Loyalty Classes lead the parade, followed by alumnae classes, alumnae relatives, certificate and graduate students, and seniors carrying the Laurel Chain.

Please begin lining up no later than 8:15 am and don’t forget your white clothes!

Seniors line up by Mary Woolley Hall.

Rain or shine.

Open to the public to watch.

Saturday, May 16 at 9:00am

Mary Woolley Hall, Mary Woolley Circle

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