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Lucas Wilson
Professor of Africana Studies and Economics
Location: Cleveland, L2
Like many jurisdictions around the world, Massachusetts has begun to enact laws that allow alternatives to trial and confinement for harms and crimes. The 2017 Criminal Reform Bill in Massachusetts outlines diversionary restorative justice programs for nonviolent and some violent offenses. A comparative review of this legislation, its strengths and challenges allows us to improve on one small piece of the social safety net gutted by 40 years of neoliberal economic and social reform. A survey of RJ and TJ possibilities invites all of us to contribute to the years of repair and renewal in the US.
In addition to his work at Mount Holyoke, Lucas Wilson is also a trained facilitator in Victim Offender Dialogues and Curriculum. He volunteers as a facilitator for restorative justice circles in Massachusetts and Federal prisons. 

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