Image of LEAP 2023: Panel 24 - Coding Your Tech Journey

LEAP 2023: Panel 24 - Coding Your Tech Journey

Adle Akbulut ’24
Major: Computer Science

Exploring the World of Chatbots: A Summer Research Journey

I invite you to join me as I recount my summer independent research project centered around chatbots. In this presentation, I will share the steps I took to seek funding through the Lynk program, and acknowledge the challenges and uncertainties I faced along the way. I will also discuss my experiences in reaching out to a professor for guidance, highlighting the lessons I learned from navigating this crucial aspect of the research process.

Moreover, I will touch upon the process of planning and executing a research project, offering insights from my own efforts. From conception to implementation, I will share the successes and setbacks encountered during my research journey. Through this presentation, I hope to offer a glimpse into the realities of independent research, and inspire others to embark on their own academic explorations.


Angel T. Ebebi ’23
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Sociology

Charting a Course to Corporate Tech

This summer, I worked as a software engineering intern at Dell Technologies, a global tech company with over 150,000 employees. I developed a Python automation script that significantly reduced the time it took to ensure server security. I also investigated ChatGPT's potential to enhance developer productivity.

I'll outline how I secured a role at a major corporation, focusing on challenges I faced as an international student. Additionally, I'll highlight the specific coursework and skills that contributed to my successful internship. I hope to offer some actionable insights that can be applied to your own career journey.


Anh Pham ’25
Major: Computer Science and Mathmatics double major

Striking the Privacy-Utility Balance in Data Science

The big data era empowers insights, innovation, and decision-making across all disciplines. However, the inherent risks of data sharing call for efforts to safeguard individual privacy, while current privacy measures entail utility trade-offs. Data privacy efforts therefore must align with system usability in order to maintain practicality.

At Tufts University, I worked on striking the balance between data privacy and utility in database query processing. Guided by seasoned researchers, I applied statistical and computational skills to execute my project vision. For instance, I integrated traditional databases into Python environments, applied controlled noise, developed leakage mitigation methods, and quantified the privacy-utility trade-off.

Additionally, being part of a diverse research cohort brought transforming experiences professionally and socially. I will share the application process, particularly relevant for international students, as well as the delight and challenge of conducting computer science research and how the overall experience contributed to shaping future directions.


Cathy Liu ’25
Major: Mathematics

Summer research in Mathematics Doing math research is different from taking a math course. This summer, I did a research at Mount Holyoke College with Professors Chumley and Hoyer-Leitzel. The study explores the effects of re-exposure on individuals previously infected during disease outbreaks. Findings indicate that reinfection risk increases with greater exposure size, and longer intervals between exposures prolong the time to potential reinfection. Not only was the research exciting, but I was also challenged by the process of learning new knowledge and collaborating with group members. In this talk, I will discuss the process of research application and the exciting findings of my research. Additionally, I will join the other panelists in the discussion of the differences between classroom learning and research learning.