Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) Symposium: Learning from its Past and Mapping its Future
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Jersey Cosantino (they/them)
Easton Davis (he/him)

  • Session Description:  This session will provide scholars, practitioners, and students with a conceptual understanding of our approach to mindfulness and racial embodiment in IGD as both a theoretical perspective and an analytical method for dialogic-based educators.
  • Session Location: Willits-Hallowell Conference Center, Executive Board Room

Ysabel Garcia (she/her)

  • Content Warning: This session description mentions the word suicide. If you or a loved one are having emotional distress or thoughts of suicide, call 988 to connect with a lifeline specialist. Before calling, please be aware this resource may use active rescue involving law enforcement or emergency services if a person is considered to be at an "imminent" risk of suicide.'
  • Session Description: Addressing Latine and Black Mental Health with Intergroup Dialogue and Public Health.
    • Estoy Aqui (I Am Here) is a training agency dedicated to connecting the dots between mental health, suicide, and social justice, featuring two vital programs: Community Care Circles and the La Cultura Sana (The Culture Cures) Outreach Program. In this session, participants will join discussions on implementing powerful facilitative questions, compassionate accountability strategies, and social location analysis to foster meaningful interventions for mental health and suicide within the Latine and Black communities.
  • Session Location: Willits-Hallowell Conference Center, Wiese-Merriwether Room (cap = 30 participants)

Ionah M. Elaine Scully (they/them)

  • Session Description: What’s justice look like on stolen land? In this session, Scully shares insights and questions for consideration that reach into a vast wealth of Indigenous knowledge cultivated on the land since time immemorial to ask how justice can be achieved without the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous stewardship and governance. Remembering a past that provides blueprints for the future, this session offers questions and insights for consideration about centering Native justice and land-based epistemologies in dialogic and social justice spaces.
  • Session Location: Willits-Hallowell Conference Center, Morrison Room

Dr. Nina Tissi-Gassoway (they & she)

  • Session Description: Intergroup Dialogue at the Intersections: a promising new possibility for IGD Praxis
    • This session will emphasize how utilizing intergroup dialogue to explore, understand, and connect across intersections of marginalized identities and communities presents promising new possibilities for IGD praxis. Dr. Tissi-Gassoway will share highlights from their research study of a semester-long, cross-race intergroup dialogue course for queer and trans undergraduate students. Together we will explore how this study’s findings illuminate the ways that intersectional intergroup dialogues can play a role in supporting the meaning making processes and community development of queer and trans college students.  Participants will join in discussions on the challenges and possibilities of intersectional intergroup dialogic models and how they can serve as a new avenue for inquiry and application of Intergroup Dialogue praxis.
  • Session Location: Willits-Hallowell Conference Center, Faculty Club Room

Dr. Rani Varghese, LMSW, Ed.D. (she/her)

  • Session Description: In this session, Rani discusses the course she teaches at her institution, simultaneously teaching students how to dialogue and how to facilitate dialogue. She shares how she draws on the campus and larger community to support co-facilitated dialogues, modeling cross group interaction and collaboration.
  • Session Location: Willits-Hallowell Conference Center, Andreola Room

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