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Our panel brings together four individuals with diverse experiences in technology, advocacy, healthcare, and social connectivity. Sulagna has created a gem library for Wikidata edit statistics, enhancing the accuracy of tracking edits on the WikiEducation Dashboard, which is a platform utilized by a global community. Seran, during her internship with the Armenian National Institute, translated key website content into Spanish, conducted pivotal research on Armenian issues, and advocated for Armenian concerns at the congressional level. Lily, working with Sidekick, a startup addressing loneliness, played a crucial role in app design and content creation, with the aim of connecting adults through shared interests. Shane, with expertise in software solutions for healthcare, has significantly contributed to the development of Dermaviz, a mobile application that revolutionizes medical image documentation and analysis, emphasizing its role in enhancing healthcare monitoring and diagnosis. Together, their contributions underscore the transformative power of technology and advocacy across various sectors.



  • Lily Ruderman '24, Sociology major, Nexus in Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse
  • Shane Zhu '25, Computer Science and Psychology double major
  • Seran Goudsouzian '24, Computer Science and Statistics double major
  • Sulagna Saha '25, Computer Science major

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  • Cara Lapenas
  • Nisani Marin
  • Xingcen (Lucy) Liu
  • Bijyeta Maharjan

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