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"From Petri Dishes to Public Policy: Converging Paths of Research" provides a window into the diverse experiences of emerging scientists spanning multiple fields. Starting with the intricate details of materials science, we travel to the vast landscape of neuroscience, and then transition from community-driven environmental campaigns to the meticulous study of analytical chemistry. Every presenter in this panel has carved their own niche, their unique story rooted in their pursuit of knowledge. But despite their varied backgrounds, a common thread binds them: a drive to understand the complexities of the world and share their personal discoveries. Attendees of this session will gain a comprehensive understanding of what it's like to be in the shoes of a young researcher, experiencing firsthand the challenges and rewards of research. Furthermore, the discussion underscores the tangible impact that research endeavors, whether conducted within the confines of a lab or in the broader community, have on our daily lives.


  • Mark Shea, Senior Lecturer in English and Director of English


  • Qinge Liu '25, Chemistry major
  • Renee Wang '24, Chemistry and Psychology double major
  • Peehu Chhabra '25, Neuroscience and Behavior major, Psychology minor, Five College Certificate in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Catherine Di Mare '24, History major and Politics double major

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  • Catherine Di Mare
  • Elizabeth Fallon
  • Camille Cheng
  • Maryville College

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