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Join us for a talk with Kai Cheng Thom that will explore the importance of self, community and collective healing in our efforts toward racial healing. Without centering healing, pleasure, honesty, and vulnerability down to a cellular level, one cannot transform themselves towards a transformed world. Self care transforms communal care; healing oneself heals the whole. In a world that prioritizes individuality, how can one purposefully center themselves towards meaningful transformation of the collective? Coretta Scott King beautifully illustrated the possibilities of outcome in how she used her deep grief to transform herself. Grounded in her healing, she worked to upholding and continue the Kingian legacy of committing to constantly developing a progressive politic. She was not afraid of change and transformation within herself, and thus was able to support her community’s healing, exploring and unraveling of deeply held racial biases and racist systems.

This event is being conducted over Zoom. As the host, Mount Holyoke College reserves the right to record this session and the event sponsors will give prior notification to event participants of any intention to do so. The recording feature for others is disabled so that no one else will be able to record this session through Zoom. At all times, no recording by any other means is permitted without prior written permission from the event sponsor or as an approved accommodation.

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