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Jacquelyne Luce
Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies
Location: Cleveland, L2
Hormones "appear" in many discussions about reproductive and environmental justice, identity, health, and illness. But what are hormones? What are their histories? Where are they located? How do they act? This presentation offers an introduction to queer feminist and multi-sited explorations of the social, political, biocultural, and legal complexities of hormones. Jacquelyne Luce, senior lecturer in gender studies, will share examples from two key sources: 1) research on contemporary narratives of exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES) undertaken by the Feminist Technoscience Governance Collaboratory (FTGC) which she began in 2017; and 2) a collaborative inquiry course, Feminist Engagements with Hormones, that she taught most recently this past Fall. In particular, Luce will talk about how the conceptual frameworks of chemical toxicity and chemical potentiality can help us to understand ways in which individuals and communities generate and navigate knowledge about and experiences with hormones over the course of a lifetime. 


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