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We welcome Clint Smith, gifted spoken word poet and academician, as the keynote speaker for our 5th annual Building On Our Momentum (BOOM!) 2021 learning conference.

Across the country are innumerable places that have direct ties to slavery—our schools, our streets, our prisons, our cemeteries, our cities—places that illustrate how some of this country’s most essential stories are hidden in plain view. In this talk, Clint discusses how the history of slavery has shaped the contemporary landscape of inequality, and shares what he learned from trips to different historical sites throughout the country that are tied to slavery’s legacy. Informed by scholarship and brought alive by the stories of people living today, Smith outlines how these places reckon with—or fail to reckon with their relationship to slavery, and how it is our responsibility to collectively document, learn from, and account for this history.

Clint Smith’s debut work of nonfiction, How the Word is Passed has been named one of the most anticipated books of 2021. Mount Holyoke is excited to welcome this gifted spoken word poet and academician as the keynote speaker for our 5th annual Building On Our Momentum (BOOM!): Community Day 2021 learning conference.

To learn more about Clint Smith, please visit his website.

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