Image of Student Abstracts: Intersections of Health and Policy: Global Perspectives

Student Abstracts: Intersections of Health and Policy: Global Perspectives

Yui Sakai '23
Major: Psychology and Gender Studies double
Five College Certificate: Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Certificate

Cross-Cultural Perspective on Reproductive Health between Ghana and Japan

I interned as a peer educator and tutor at PhixCare Ghana organization which is committed to provide adolescents, teachers, and broader communities with accurate and accessible information and events regarding a range of public health concerns. I was responsible for educating teenagers at a local school on public health, faciliatating discussions on sexual and reproductive health rights at vocational training institutions, studying under a community clinic to better understand how the community and healthcare system approaches reproductive health, and joining health care providers to facilitate health screening event. One aspect that resonated with me the most was the significance of community outreach programs and how that has positive changes to the community's health. During my presentation, I will discuss how my experience impacted my research interest in reproductive health through a cross-cultural perspective between Ghana and Japan.


Emma Mair '23
Major: Religion and Psychology & Education

Providing Spiritual and Emotional Support for Jewish Teenagers on a Trip Abroad

I will discuss my internship with the Lappin Foundation whose mission is to enhance Jewish identity across generations. As a part of their mission, the Lappin Foundation provides the opportunity for Jewish teenagers to travel to Israel with the intention to educate them about the history and culture of the Jewish people in connection to the land, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I provided spiritual and emotional support for 83 Jewish teenagers on Lappin Foundation’s Youth to Israel Adventure trip during the summer of 2022. In my presentation, I will discuss ways people can help adolescents engage in religious and spiritual practices in an empowering and meaningful tool, support the ways in which they process information regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and those adjusting feeling home-sick as they travel without their families for the first time.


Isabel DiBiasio '23
Major: Biochemistry and Spanish 

El Buen Socorro: Healthcare Immersion in Trujillo, Perú

I spent six weeks embedded in the health systems of Trujillo, Perú, assisting with procedures, taking patient histories, navigating the Peruvian public health system, and building their knowledge of medical Spanish. I spent four days a week working in a regional hospital across the inpatient neurology, emergency, and imaging departments where I practiced my skills as a licensed nurse’s aide and gained confidence in communicating across cultural boundaries. Each Friday, I participated in sustainable volunteer healthcare in underserved neighborhoods, partnering with Peruvian doctors to provide free medical care. This experience solidified my commitment to a career in holistic, community-oriented healthcare and was a powerful affirmation of my abilities. The time I spent in Perú was also a period of cultural immersion- I explored the Andes, learned to navigate daily life in urban Trujillo, and overcame challenges of language learning and cultural distinctions everywhere from the hospital to the grocery store!


Peregrine Conroy-Baarsch '23
Major: International Relations and Psychology

Forensic Psychology in Florida: The Collision of Law and Psychology

Psychology is an incredibly wide and diverse field, with intersections with almost every aspect of life and field of study. This being the case, I found it important to explore a potential subfield of psychology: forensic psychology. Through my internship with Northwest Florida Psychological Services, I explored some of the processes involved in forensic psychology. Most of my work was remote, summarizing and writing documents for court from medical records and psychological notes, with a few more in-person events where I observed legal proceedings. In my presentation, I will address how I got my internship, the types of responsibilities I had, how I communicated with my supervisor in a remote setting, and how my experiences impacted my goals for future career or internships.


Umme Habiba '24
Major: Neuroscience major; pre med track

Research on Mental Health Interventions and Alzheimers Disease in Pakistan

I facilitated research conducted in regions under AKDN including Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda, and compared the data supporting stigma against mental health and the subsequent interventions across these areas. Meanwhile, I was also working with Dr. Bushra Amin whose research focused on diagnosis and drug development for Alzheimers Disease.