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Teaching a language in a foreign country or through technology presents educators with unique challenges and opportunities. Join us in our panel discussion, "Language Teaching in Global and Digital Realms," as we share insights from our enriching summer internships.

Our experiences spanned two distinct contexts. In Japan, we navigated the intricacies of teaching English in a foreign country, where cultural nuances and linguistic barriers added layers of complexity to our instructional approach. In Boston, we ventured into the digital realm, teaching coding skills to eager learners, many of whom were new to the world of programming.

Throughout our internships, we honed essential teaching skills, learned to adapt to diverse environments, and discovered the power of technology in language education. We'll explore the strategies, challenges, and successes we encountered in both traditional and digital language instruction settings. Join us to uncover the exciting world of language teaching in the 21st century.



  • Yuna Antal '25, Psychology and Education major with Education Licensure, Japanese minor
  • Ramisa Tahsin Rahman '25, Computer Science major
  • Madelyn Jones-Cressey '24, East Asian Studies major
  • Jasmine Nakamura '25, Economics major

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