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Our internships ranged from working in research labs to working in a reproductive health clinic in Ghana that dealt with family planning, STI treatments, and pregnancy care. Two of the research laboratories focused on biology – (1) Investigating the neurobiological mechanism of TBCK syndrome, a genetic mutation using developing Zebrafish as model organisms at UMass Amherst, (2) Early cancer detection in human prostate tissues using Artificial Intelligence algorithms (RCNN). One research laboratory was based on chemistry which tested different substrates in order to see how the formation of a nanoparticle monolayer would be affected. Our internships are a part of the cycle of research development and application. Our experiences touched on how clinical research is conducted in labs, proven, and then after a rigorous process of trials, the result is rolled out for public service in clinics and hospitals for practical application. Our panel consists of 2 domestic students, and 2 international students. Both International students worked in biological science laboratories (genetic mutations and cancer research) and were able to use Mount Holyoke’s resources of networking, mentoring, and independent research as a stepping stone to excel during their internship experience.

Panel Moderator: Laura Sizer, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy


  • Lifen Htet '24, Neuroscience & Behavior, Philosophy Minor
  • Rameen Farrukh '24, Biological Sciences Major and Chemistry Minor
  • Valentina Shrum '24, Biochemistry
  • Eliza Butler '23, Biology, Chemistry

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  • Roberto Mugnani
  • Chrissa Lindahl
  • Nabintou Sanoko

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