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Speakers: Faculty from the APC Subcommittee on the Multicultural Requirement and the DEI Advisory Committee

The forum will explore student and faculty experiences with the “Multicultural Requirement” that is part of the College’s curriculum.

As the College revisits its curricular requirements for graduation, we will discuss the benefits and limits of the current requirement and invite participants to contribute ideas on how to strengthen and re-envision the requirement. This includes the name of the requirement itself. For students, one way to think about this is to ask:

'What do I want to learn during my time at MHC?' As well, ‘What do I wish my peers knew that might ease misunderstandings amongst students and community members?’

We will also discuss how the requirement can serve as an intentional building block within the curriculum, potentially linked to first-year seminars, introductory courses, the Common Read, Community Based Learning, education abroad, requirements within majors, and student theses.

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