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Warriors for Loving Justice: Understanding Transformative & Restorative Justice In Application with Kai Cheng Thom

Revolutionary Love and Transformative Justice sound good as conceptual ideas for a utopian society, but how do we actually practice them in an imperfect world full of contradictions and moral compromises? How do we work towards a world not centered around punishment when we are surrounded by prisons and corrupt systems, and when we live in a world where sometimes it feels like the only way to achieve any kind of justice is to use force?

And what can we do when it feels like people within our movements are constantly accusing one another of harm and pitting marginalized identities against one another in a bid for community support? In “Warriors for Loving Justice,” we get real about doing transformative work on the ground.

Join Kai Cheng Thom, somatic practitioner, professional mediator, and author of I HOPE WE CHOOSE LOVE and Falling Back In Love With Being Human for a clear-eyed yet spiritually grounded lecture and discussion about the practice and pitfalls of Transformative Justice on a day to day level. Participants can expect to be introduced to practical somatic and facilitation tools to help unravel common dilemmas in conflict work within social justice movements today, as well as theoretical frameworks to support their personal and political growth as they encounter scenarios of conflict, harm, and justice in their own lives.

There will also be time for a Q&A.

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