Senior Symposium
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Presider: Amy Camp

Sara Remmler, Biochemistry
Understanding Membrane Fusion and Function of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein

Ray Stieber, Biological Sciences
Exploring the Interaction Between the Bacillus subtilis Protease ClpCP and a Novel Sporulation-Specific Adaptor Protein

Imaan Moin, Biochemistry
Investigating the Interaction Between a Novel Adaptor Protein and the Bacillus subtilis Protease ClpCP

Gabi Davis, Biochemistry
Comparing the “MecA”-nisms of Two Adaptor Proteins Binding to the Bacillus subtilis Protease ClpCP

Sandra Obwar, Biological Sciences
Characterizing the in vivo Interaction of the Bacillus Subtilis ClpC Chaperone with a Novel Sporulation Adaptor Protein

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  • Morgan Sammut
  • Lydia Malone
  • Evelena Goh
  • Karen Remmler

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