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Join us for a fascinating virtual lecture by Dr. Angie Patterson, curator of education and outreach at the Miller Worley Center for the Environment at Mount Holyoke College.

The forests of the northeastern United States are one of the fastest-growing terrestrial carbon sinks globally, attributed to historical declines in large-scale agriculture, timber harvesting and fire disturbance. However, climate-induced tree migration is altering forest community composition and carbon dynamics. An investigation into tree physiological responses to temperature across resident and migrant trees in a northeastern US forest revealed evidence suggesting that resident trees may have a physiological disadvantage compared with their migrant counterparts. Compounded with this result, an array of ecological disturbances further threatens the dominance of resident species, resulting in species replacement that may reduce the carbon storage potential of northeastern US forests.

About the presenter

Dr. Angie Patterson is an environmental educator, a plant ecophysiologist and a science communicator. She is known as “The Shotgun Scientist” for her research into how trees respond to climate change. More specifically, she has examined how temperature affects the physiology (photosynthesis and respiration) of trees in northeastern US forests to understand which species may tolerate a warming climate and how that may impact the carbon dynamics that cycle through temperate forests. Angie received her bachelor’s degree in natural resources from Cornell University and her master’s, master of philosophy and doctorate degrees from Columbia University in plant ecophysiology. Angie is a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the environmental sciences and has spoken at several U.S. universities, environmental organizations, and K–12 institutions. Her research and science communication efforts have been profiled in publications such as the Guardian, the Forestry Source, Cell Press and the National Environmental Education Foundation.

For more information about her and her work, visit her on X @ColorfulSciGirl or visit her website.

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