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Join Dr. Gwen Bass ’04 for a discussion about her memoir “Immaculate Misconception: A Story of Biology and Belonging.” The book sheds light on queer family experiences, informed by her own childhood as one of the first children born to lesbian parents through artificial insemination. 

During the event, Gwen will provide insights into the writing process, the inspiration behind the book and the profound journey of self-discovery and acceptance that led to its creation. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the author, ask questions and share their thoughts on the themes presented in the book. Whether you're interested in biology, LGBTQ+ studies, family dynamics or personal narratives, this event promises to be an enlightening and enriching experience.

An excerpt from Gwen’s book was featured in the summer issue of the Alumnae Quarterly. You can read the excerpt here. 

This event will be recorded and made available following the event. 

About the presenter:

Dr. Gwen Bass is the author of “Immaculate Misconception: A Story of Biology and Belonging,” in which she tells her story of growing up one of the first children of lesbians conceived through artificial insemination.   

She is a teacher, advocate, parent mentor, researcher and collaborative consultant. With a decade of experience each in K–12 classroom teaching and teacher education, plus years of research and program development, Gwen supports kids and adults whose needs and voices aren’t honored by conventional systems.

Her team provides consultation and training to help nonprofits, educators, government agencies, and caregivers foster positive outcomes for young people — especially those with disabilities and learning differences, LGBTQ+ youth and families, and youth in foster care and unique family situations.

Gwen is also a foster and adoptive parent in a queer blended family.

Accessibility Information:

This event will include an oral and visual presentation about the book “Immaculate Misconception” by Dr. Gwen Bass. For inquiries about the accessibility of this event or to request any accommodations, please email or call Kate Sawicki at 413-538-2734. Please make accommodation requests 10 business days prior to the event or sooner in order to allow for implementation time; however, in all situations, a good faith effort will be made to provide accommodations up until the time of the event.

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