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At Dana-Farber, Norah worked on engineering B cells, a type of immune cells to express an antibody that can target a protein called MUC1 overly expressed in high-grade serous ovarian cancer. They rotated between reading research papers and doing hands-on experiments. At the University of Tokyo, Ririka did hands-on research on the relationship between temperature and the Influenza virus, focusing on the innate immune response. They practiced basic laboratory techniques such as ELISA, Western Blots, and quantitative PCR. At Harvard Medical School, Umme worked on elucidating structures of olfactory receptors in mosquitoes associated with insect-borne diseases to determine odor specificity towards humans and molecular mechanisms underlying olfaction. Yaslyn spent the summer at Lawrence General Hospital where they worked with the office manager to assist in scheduling, calling primary care physicians about referrals, attending info sessions about surgeries, and assisting a rehab technician with helping patients.



  • Yaslyn Cruz '24, Psychology and English double major, Five College Certificate in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Norah Nguyen '25, Dual degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Ririka Kakuta ' 25, Biological Sciences major
  • Umme Habiba '24, Neuroscience and Behaviour major, Chemistry minor

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  • Priyanshi Johari
  • Maryville College

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