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Chinese Language Table

The Chinese Language Table is an informal weekly meeting where students can practice speaking Chinese in a casual context with other students and Chinese...

10/25 1pm
Department Tea

Hi, my name is Lea Sleiman and I will be your Arabic Language Assistant and Mentor this year. I am a senior, double major in Mathematics and Data science....

10/25 6pm
Department Tea

Hi, my name is Hinako and I am a senior majoring in Religion and International Relations. I was born in New Zealand, but have lived in Japan for over 10...

10/25 6pm
Laptop and calendar

Hello everyone! My name is Venesia and I'm a senior majoring in International Relations. I was born in Miami, Florida and am a part of MHC's Posse 9! In my...

10/26 12pm
Department Tea

Hi everyone! My name is Yixuan Wang. I’m from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. My major is East Asian Studies, and I’m a junior this year. I will be the...

10/26 4:30pm

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