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Study and perform important jazz works that span from the 1920s until today Increase musicianship skills and increase understanding of performance practice of jazz music The Jazz Ensembles of Mount Holyoke College consists of three performance ensembles: BIG BAND, VOCAL JAZZ & CHAMBER JAZZ. Students study and perform important jazz works that span from the 1920's through today, increase musicianship skills (using your voice or your instrument) and develop an understanding of the differences/challenges in performance practice of multiple genres of jazz music, have the option to explore multiple levels of artistic expression (scriptwriting, programming, producing) through our March performance project, strive for a high work ethic and work toward a successful collective goal with your ensemble peers, and have fun participating in a student community that enjoys playing and singing together, and one that makes a difference beyond the college gates.

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Student Organizations, Entertainment and Performing Arts

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