Model United Nations (MUN)

MHCMUN is a student run organization that brings together students from all backgrounds who are interested in international relations, current events, social issues and public policy. We train our members to be able to represent different perspectives at conferences in simulations that replicate real decisions being discussed in the UN, international and regional organizations and other decision making bodies.

MHCMUN challenges its members in ways unlike any other student organization. From weekly simulations, to conferences on the collegiate circuit, the members of MHCMUN are always learning new things and proving their abilities. But above all, MHCMUN is a place for Mount Holyoke students of a common intellectual interest to come together, forging life-long friendships.

We are diverse, intelligent, dedicated individuals who enjoy sharpening our critical thinking, debating, and writing skills while keeping up with international events. With a dedicated Executive Board, a growing Club Roster, and an impressive list of alumnae, we stand proudly as an important part of the Mount Holyoke College community.

Although MHCMUN has a multitude of International Relations and Politics majors among its members, it is an organization that welcomes members from a variety of backgrounds. In our ranks are students that hail from the Environmental Science, Economcis, History, Biology, and Geology departments, as well! We are a diverse group , with a large range of interests, hobbies, and passions, united by our common affinity for current affairs. Membership is open to any and all Mount Holyoke students who are eager to develop important life skills that will serve them long after their time with MHCMUN.

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