Mount Holyoke Pre-Law Association

The purpose of the Pre-Law Association is to increase awareness about the scholarly study of law and to facilitate the implementation of such study of this society. It is the vision of the Pre-Law society to offer assistance to students at Mount Holyoke College by helping them make informed decisions in selecting law as a career, the application process and determining a law school. In addition to create a forum where the passion of law can be explored and shared amongst the students. We want to provide resources for students interested in pursuing a professional career in the legal justice system including meeting professionals in the field, developing an alumni mentor system and provide a peer based support system during the time at MHC. This organization is open to all students currently enrolled at MHC. Members will have opportunities to showcase their goals, aspirations, and questions pertaining to the forum of law school admittance through discourse carried out during monthly organization meetings and additional workshops, socials and talks.

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Student Organizations, Academic Clubs

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