Kendade Hall

Kendade Hall is the nexus of the MHC Science Center, connecting Carr Laboratory, Clapp Laboratories and Cleveland Hall through the Marion Craig Potter ’49 Atrium. Kendade is home to the Astronomy and Physics departments.

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On Campus, Academic Building


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Kendade Hall

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3/30/2022 4:30pm

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Cara Lapenas left a positive review 2/19/2020

Hearing from our own scholars on Latin America was excellent...please have more of these events with our own experts!

Amy Markham left a positive review 8/5/2019

Very helpful.

Zoe Brown left a positive review 8/4/2019

learned a lot

Marie DiRuzza left a positive review 7/30/2019

I enjoyed the training. The new system has so many useful features. I was happy to have a chance to have some hands on experience with using the new phones.

Brenda Adams left a positive review 7/30/2019

It was very helpful. A great system and I am excited to use it. The training was hands on and that to me is the best. If I have trouble I will attend another class.

Krista Denno Bader

Krista Denno Bader left a positive review 8/1/2019

I thought the training was really good- the trainer was knowledgeable and answered our questions easily and thoroughly. There was a lot of material to get through, but I felt the training was definitely sufficient to get started, and provided an overview of what will clearly be an awesome new bit of technology to incorporate in my day here! The only thing I'd change was having access to the handouts before the training so I could make notes during the training at relevant sections, rather than in a separate notebook. But, I look forward to getting started!!

Diane Supczak-Mulvaney left a positive review 7/30/2019

Great!! For a subject that can be long and tedious, the time flew by. I attended the 8:45AM trng. Thank you!!

Roberto Mugnani left a positive review 7/30/2019

Very helpful and became aware that this is more than just a new phone, so it will be more of a phased process to master all of its capabilities.

Kendade Hall posted a photo 2/11/2019