Mary Woolley Hall

Mary Woolley Hall includes Chapin Auditorium and the New York Room and is home to the offices of Communications and Marketing, Advancement, and the Alumnae Association.

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On Campus, Administrative Building

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Mary Woolley Hall

Upcoming Events

Shopping Trip

A chance for new students to purchase bed linen, pillows, and those odds and ends that did not fit into your suitcase. Meet at 9:30 am at Mary Woolley Circle.

8/28 9:30am
Welcome Tent and Family Resource Fair

Pick up your room key, grab an Orientation schedule and some breakfast, and visit the resource fair for new students and families.

8/30 8am
New students arrive and Orientation begins

Move-in day for new students, including new transfer and Frances Perkins students.. All residence halls will open at 9 am. See the orientation schedule for...

8/30 9am
President's Welcome

Words of welcome to the incoming class from President Sonya Stephens.

8/30 11:30am
Parent and Family Orientation: Student Life and Services Panel

Student life and academic professionals discuss your student’s transition into college life at MHC. Offices represented will include Residential Life,...

8/30 1:30pm

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Alumnae Parade


Stoling Ceremony


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Laura Bundesen

Laura Bundesen left a negative review 4/9/2019

I missed this because I somehow did not get the notification that the event had changed locations and was sitting in the posted location for too long. When I did realize it had moved it was too crowded to get into - could have used two sessions of this topic

Laura Bundesen

Laura Bundesen left a positive review 4/9/2019

thought it went well

Alexander Wirth-Cauchon

Alexander Wirth-Cauchon left a positive review 4/9/2019

The panelists were great. I read Barbara Smith's work in grad school in the 1980s and appreciated hearing from her. I thought Beverly Guy-Sheftall's questions helped Smith and Raquel Willis to talk at a good level that was both approachable by a large audience but also engaging.

Alexander Wirth-Cauchon

Alexander Wirth-Cauchon left a positive review 4/9/2019

I appreciated the multilingual opening and the mixture of poetry, art, and music to open us up to a variety to ways to think and share about DEI.

Elsie Parrilla

Elsie Parrilla left a positive review 4/9/2019

Absolutely enjoyed Pamela Means!

Bassey Akpan

Bassey Akpan left a review 4/9/2019

Creative pieces and great message overall.

Amanda Florek

Amanda Florek left a positive review 4/9/2019

The kickoff was wonder interesting. There was seriousness, humor, songs and free pens! A good way to start the day.

Mary Fahey

Mary Fahey left a review 4/9/2019

The slideshow while waiting for the program to start was great - a reminder of the injustices that this type of program is trying to combat. I also thought the second musician was very engaging. The music of the first performer was good but one song would have been enough for me. That is my positive feedback. Things I think should be done better next year:
Start on time. MHC is great to provide this opportunity but please respect our time and start the program on time. Having an almost 15 minute delay looks sloppy and poorly planned. Makes one wonder if the whole day is going to be like this.
I am sure Kijua had some very interesting and important things to say but the speed at which she speaks is counter productive and I can't follow a word of it. Please slow down.
The email about lunch tickets should have gone out at least a week before - maybe with a map as to which where each food truck was going to be parked. Having food trucks on campus is such a treat but if you don't know in advance who they are and where they'll be, particularly on a cold rainy day, you can't take enjoyment in them. I had no idea until the morning of BOOM that lunch was going to be provided.

Julie Parks

Julie Parks left a positive review 4/9/2019

I saw Barbara Smith earlier in the day and found her to be a wonderful educator, sharing her experiences and knowledge. Bring her back!!

Julie Parks

Julie Parks left a negative review 4/9/2019

It was not what I was expecting and really didn't meet the Boom goals or level of event.