Mary Woolley Hall

Mary Woolley Hall includes Chapin Auditorium and the New York Room and is home to the offices of Communications and Marketing, Advancement, and the Alumnae Association.

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On Campus, Administrative Building

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Mary Woolley Hall

Upcoming Events

December Graduate Lavender Ceremony

The Lavender Ceremony is an event thrown to celebrate the experience of LGBTQ+ students at MHC. Doors will open at 7 pm, introductions from Lavender...

12/6 7pm
Top of Gate for Generic Use

Great food combined with great conversation and fellowship for faculty and staff. The annnual event also offers the opportunity for members of the Mount...

12/11 11:30am

Miss your dog? Just need a hug? Come play with and pet therapy dogs.

12/12 1pm
Strawberries and champagne

The Alumnae Association and Office of Advancement cordially invite seniors to Strawberries and Champagne, where we will toast their accomplishments and...

4/28/2020 5pm
Alumnae Parade

The Laurel Parade, which marks the transition from MHC student to alumna, is one of the College’s most moving rituals. It traces back to 1900, when...

5/16/2020 9am

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Laura Rosenthal

Laura Rosenthal left a review 11/16/2019

I wish I could have watched it, but no one sent me a password.

Margaret Shirley

Margaret Shirley left a positive review 11/16/2019

I will be buying her book. She was obviously highly knowledgeable, articulate, amusing as appropriate; well worthy to be an honorary uncommon woman.

Erica Jost

Erica Jost left a negative review 11/16/2019

I never got the password

Kathy Winslow Herzog

Kathy Winslow Herzog left a positive review 11/16/2019

Fascinating to watch it live stream on the computer at my home in Connecticut!

Cara Lapenas

Cara Lapenas left a positive review 9/2/2019

Tommy Orange rocks! Thanks for bringing him!!! :)

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Carija Carija

Carija Carija left a positive review 8/30/2019

What a very warm welcome.

Fred Baumgarten

Fred Baumgarten left a positive review 9/4/2019

It was an incredible privilege to have Tommy Orange visit Mount Holyoke. Not only is his novel gripping and memorable, but his on-stage presence was thrilling. I appreciated his complete candor about everything. The way he handled the many questions, pausing for thought and seemingly spontaneous and heartfelt, was inspiring. There seemed to be nothing rehearsed about his answers, even though he must be asked the same questions countless times. I feel as if he hit on many essential truths -- about politics, about the Native American experience, about the creative process. It inspired me to want to overcome my own doubts and try to create art. One of the underappreciated aspects of the book is simply the beauty of many of its passages, its almost musical use of language. The world needs more uncompromising and unflinching people like Tommy Orange. May he enjoy a lifetime of success!

Laura Bundesen

Laura Bundesen left a negative review 4/9/2019

I missed this because I somehow did not get the notification that the event had changed locations and was sitting in the posted location for too long. When I did realize it had moved it was too crowded to get into - could have used two sessions of this topic

Laura Bundesen

Laura Bundesen left a positive review 4/9/2019

thought it went well