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Mount Holyoke Campus

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Vlog Screening: Navigating the Pioneer Valley

Join the International Student Organizing Committee (ISOC) to watch a vlog filmed by ISOC members. The vlog will take you on a video tour of the Pioneer...

8/27 7pm
Academic Advising (mandatory)

New students meet with their Academic Advisors.

8/30 1:30pm
Meet Your Res Life Staff (mandatory)

Students will meet in the common areas of their residence halls to get to know their staff and fellow new students. Then they will walk over together to...

8/30 8pm
Exploring Diversity and Inclusion at Mount Holyoke (mandatory)

How does your story, and the stories of your classmates, add to the story of Mount Holyoke? What does it mean to build a community of individuals from...

8/31 1:30pm
Dessert at the Cultural Centers, Unity Space & Eliot House

Students will have an opportunity to enjoy great food, games, and activities while visiting each Cultural Center, the Unity Space and Eliot House in order to...

8/31 6pm

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Alexander Wirth-Cauchon

Alexander Wirth-Cauchon left a positive review 4/9/2019

Overally I was happy with the level of engagement and participation from across campus. I had hoped for more student involvement, but it did seem to build over the day. I heard mixed reviews about the food. I chose a boxed lunch rather than waiting in line, but those who did wait in line seemed to have found the lines moved pretty quickly. Heard unhappiness about the burgers from one person who tends to be unhappy about things...